The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) joined with the University of Colorado, Boulder, and the University of Colorado, Denver, to bring additional supercomputing resources to the Colorado Front Range area. Through this collaboration, NCAR has obtained access to approximately 10% of a new 184-teraflops Dell supercomputer system called “Janus.” The Janus supercomputer at the University of Colorado, Boulder is one of the largest container-based supercomputers in the world with 342 Dell c6100 servers and an estimated peak performance of 184 Teraflops.

CFT Janus HPC Super Computer

Faced with extreme time constraints, CFT collaborated on this HPC project that leveraged rapid deployment technologies to design, build, and test off-site a fully customized pre- fabricated data center. “We were extremely excited to collaborate on such a challenging project.” stated Robert Strong of Critical Facilities Technology.  He went on to say “We knew that we were on an especially aggressive time schedule, with a very sophisticated array of power and cooling systems to be implemented. The only way we could accomplish such a daunting task was through the co-design process. This process specifies the design of the facility in parallel to the design of the HPC resources. The primary benefit is that the complete solution can be designed and implemented in approximately the same amount of time as the design and implementation of a large-scale HPC resource alone.”

Janus is housed on the CU-Boulder campus and has a high-speed networking connection to the computing and data storage systems at the NCAR Mesa Laboratory. Allocations of a portion of this resource are now available to the university community.