Performance 3-phase power protection and high adaptability makes the MGE EPS 7000 a facility manager's top choice UPS

High Availability, High Performance Network Power Supply
The MGE EPS 7000 is the facility managers top choice UPS with its full front access design and all critical serviceable components reachable within minutes not hours. MGE EPS 7000 product development was the largest joint effort with outside field and customer inputs but while still maintaining an aggressive footprint. These UPS modules allow IT and facilities managers to respond to increasing demands placed on power infrastructure in growing facilities by offering N+1 capabilities. MGE EPS 7000 was the first in the industry to incorporate a 100% rated static switch on output of UPS inverter with no mechanical contactors which can age and weaken during UPS operation. Energy efficiency is a key feature for the MGE EPS 7000 with a 93.5% system efficiency at full load and continues at high efficiency levels down to 25% load (93%). MGE EPS 7000 provides pure flexibility, with auxiliary equipment such as: paralleling gear, external maintenance bypass, critical bus synchronization, bottom entry cabinets boxes, and distribution to meet specific site configuration while maximizing efficiency and output power quality.

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