Direct Expansion Cooling for Medium and Large Data Centers

Uniflair Direct Expansion
Efficient room cooling with a low cost of ownership.
The Uniflair Direct Expansion product line utilizes leading edge precision air-conditioning technologies. Tandem scroll compressors, electronically commutated fans, electronic expansion valves, and front service access are all standard and integrated into one high efficiency system. Available with four heat rejection methods: Air, Water/Glycol, Twin-Cool and Economizer, the DX line allows the customer to adapt to the different and changing environments inside the data center.

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Critical Facilities Technology (CFT) specializes in the design and construction of high-efficiency, high-reliability "Green" Data Centers. CFT partners with consulting engineers, contractors, and end users to provide the highest level of competence in design and implementation for mission critical needs. CFT represents the top manufacturers in the industry including APC by Schneider Electric and Russelectric in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.