Modular, Indirect Air Economizer for Medium to Large Data Centers

EcoBreeze Air Economizer
Air-side economizer that maximizes energy efficiency and reduces cooling costs up to 75%
The EcoBreezeā„¢ air economizer is a pre-engineered and tested product designed to meet the expanding requirements for data center efficiency. EcoBreeze provides multiple modes of economization to maximize energy efficiency during the year. Additionally, it can utilize a supplemental mechanical cooling circuit to maintain the data center cooling set point on the worst of ambient conditions. Available in a 20ft (6m) or a 40ft (12m) ISO frame, the modular design allows for scalability in 50kW increments up to 400kW of total cooling capacity. The intelligent controls and redundant components of EcoBreeze air economizers maintain reliability and availability during constantly changing ambient conditions.

Chilled Water Cooling for Medium and Large Data Centers

Uniflair Chilled Water
Efficient room cooling with a low cost of ownership.
Uniflair Chilled Water (CW) cooling products offer flexible solutions perfect for racked and non-racked IT loads. The product line meets the diverse requirements of the data center environment to efficiently provide cooling at the room level. Uniflair CW offers a fully adaptable, assemble to order product line that provides variable fan technology and intelligent control for a more efficient solution.

Direct Expansion Cooling for Medium and Large Data Centers

Uniflair Direct Expansion
Efficient room cooling with a low cost of ownership.
The Uniflair Direct Expansion product line utilizes leading edge precision air-conditioning technologies. Tandem scroll compressors, electronically commutated fans, electronic expansion valves, and front service access are all standard and integrated into one high efficiency system. Available with four heat rejection methods: Air, Water/Glycol, Twin-Cool and Economizer, the DX line allows the customer to adapt to the different and changing environments inside the data center.